Dr. Gehane Habib is Trainer for Wigmore Medical Fractora/Inmode Machine in Ireland
Dr HABIB offers FTC therapy using fine thread to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Thread lifting or Fine Thread Contour Therapy (FTC) is a newly discovered technique offering a subtle and natural looking face lift result

It is a minimal invasive, fast easy procedure with no scarring and minimal downtime, no general anaesthesia is needed

FTC therapy instantly lifts sagging tissue and induces blood circulation whilst stimulating collagen

The PDO threads are inserted into the dermis, the PDO cogged threads are inserted into the SMAS layer, to obtain Jawline or cheek lifting effect

FTC PDO Threads can be used to target the following areas, double chin, forehead, wrinkles, Jaw V-lifting, drooping cheeks, folds on neck, abdomen fat reduction, upper arms skin tightening and fat reduction.

The training day will cover lower face lift, marionette lines, naslabial folds, lips and neck. Master Classes will cover upper face lift, cheek lift, eye brows lift, arms (sagging arms, bingo wings) and abdomen.

10:00 – Registration & Introductions

11:00 – Illustrated presentation on FTC PDO Threads

12:00 – Demonstration by Trainer on model

13:00 – Reflection on demonstartion, questions answered

17:30 – Supervised hands on practical training for delegates (1 hour per delegate)

18:30 – Closing comments and reflection